Wheels Tracks and Rollers Operator

This course covers Unit Standards

This unit standard meets the minimum requirements of the NZ Transport Agency for people who intend applying for a W (wheels) and/or R (Rollers) and/or T (Tracks) endorsement to their driver licence so they will become legally entitled to drive special-type wheeled, and/or special-type roller and/or special-type tracked vehicles on roads.
People credited with either or all of these unit standards are able to:Note: Where the assessment is to be conducted on a vehicle requiring a Class 1 full licence, the assessment may be undertaken on a current New Zealand Class 1 restricted licence or current overseas equivalent to New Zealand Class 1 full licence.
However, applicants are unable to apply for a ‘W’ endorsement until a New Zealand Class 1 full licence is held.

Course Location:
Courses are run at Unit 5, 2 Ivan Jamieson Place, Christchurch Airport, Christchurch, 8053

Course Dates:
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If you have a special need, we run Group training courses for companies that have a large number of employees requiring Wheels, and/or Tracks, and/or Rollers training and endorsements that can be delivered at our training rooms or at yours. If your company has a need for a Group training course then please contact us at your convenience

Cost to do this course

Course Pre-requisite
In addition to holding the W and/or, R and/or, T endorsement (not including a special-type agricultural motor vehicle which runs on wheels, or an agricultural tractor (that is not a special-type vehicle) or an agricultural tractor (that is not a special-type vehicle) with an agricultural trailer) you must also hold the appropriate full class licence for the weight of the special type-vehicle that you wish to drive

For Wheel:

For Rollers: For Tracks:

Course Outline
One Day Course:
Theory: approximately 4 hours.
Practical: 30 min per person and includes

Practical drives:
All practical drives are completed in accordance with Connexis National Standards as required by NZ Transport Agency guidelines. Upon successful completion of Unit Standard(s) 16701, or and 16702, or and 16703 you will be issued with a NZ Transport Agency Driver Licence and Endorsement Certificate from Know The Rule to take to a NZ Transport Agency Licensing Agency where they will process your application to have the appropriate endorsement(s) added to your Driver licence.

NOTE: You are NOT licensed to operate a special-type vehicle on a New Zealand road until you have submitted your NZ Transport Agency Certificate to either VTNZ or AA and received your (Temporary) licence.