Other Service

Fatigue Awareness Course and its FREE: That’s right. We believe that everybody needs to know the extreme dangers involved in being fatigued especially when driving on a road so we decided to run our Fatigue Awareness Course for FREE.

Sessions are run every Monday evening from 18:00hrs to 20:00hrs but seats are limited so give us a call and book your seat today.

Load Restraint Course: This course provides both theoretical and practical experiences explaining the rights and wrongs of load restraints used to secure loads on a heavy vehicle including:

Vehicle Pre-check, Mid-check, and Post-check course: Designed for those that need a refresher in when how and what to look for when being in charge of a heavy vehicle on the road

Logbook courses: For those who need to refresh their understanding of the Work-time Rule, Fatigue Management Rule, and the Logbook Rule