Forklift Truck Operator Course

This course covers US10851 Operate a powered industrial lift truck (forklift).The successful completion of this course allows you to operate a forklift in any area that is closed off to the public and is not deemed to be a public road in New Zealand. For example a factory warehouse or a yard that has been completely fenced off restricting public from unauthorised access etc.

WARNING: The completion of this unit standard DOES NOT allow you to operate any powered industrial lift truck (Forklift) on any area deemed to be a public road in New Zealand. This requires Unit Standard 18496 Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving a forklift on a road
(F endorsement)

Course Location:
Courses are run at Unit 5, 2 Ivan Jamieson Place, Christchurch Airport, Christchurch, 8053

Course Dates:
Please check with us
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If you have a special need, we run Group training courses for companies that have a large number of employees requiring (OSH certified) forklift truck operator training that can be delivered at our training rooms or at yours. If your company has a need for a Group training course then please contact us at your convenience

Cost to do this course
This course costs $385 including GST

Course Pre-requisite for OSH certificate

Course Outline
One Day course approximately 4 hours and includes a practical of approximately 15 mins

Theory; Unit Standard 10851, Operate a powered industrial lift truck (forklift) that includes:

Practical drive that includes

Practical drives:
All practical drives are completed in accordance with Competenz National Standards as required by NZ Transport Agency guidelines. Upon successful completion of Unit Standard 10851 you will be issued with a Certificate of Competency and a wallet sized ID card (OSH certified) from Know The Rule that is valid for 3 years from the date that you successfully completed the Forklift Truck Operator course.

It is required that this course (US 10851) be renewed every three years.

If you require this unit standard to be registered to your NZQA Record of Learning (ROL) you MUST have a 100% pass