About Us

Our name is deliberate because we believe that to teach the Rule you first need to Know The Rule much like where Iron sharpens Iron and this comes in two ways.

The first is Education:

Education needs to meet the needs of the students in a way that students understand.

With our National Certificate in Adult Education we believe that we have met this milestone

The second is Experience:

The experience behind Know The Rule began in Mt Wellington 1977 and continues to this very day.

From loading, unloading and delivering foodstuffs throughout the North Island from the distribution centre of Three Guys to providing heavy haulage transportation services, delivering dangerous goods that included explosive material and providing relocation and recovery services throughout Melbourne, South Australia, and extreme remote regions throughout the Australian Outback including Western Australia, The Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania (no not Darwin and not Cairns) for and to multinational companies including Fleet Express Melbourne, Comet Overnight Transport South Australia, Long Year Australia, Schlumberger Australia, Halliburton Australia, and SANTOS Australia, to the NZ Tour Circuit with Johnsons, to container cartage with NZ Express, the transportation of chilled and frozen freight throughout the South Island for Big Chill Distribution and now TIL Freight Christchurch NZ our experience has covered almost every terrain, every climate and every service using every class of vehicle and endorsement that we teach.

Why use our services

That’s easy
"Because Iron sharpens Iron
That’s how we see it, that’s how we say it"
Know The Rule